Carry "HOPE" Everywhere

The severe crisis that we are all experiencing during the Corona Virus pandemic is challenging us all on so many fronts – socially, financially, emotionally, mentally and for some physically.

With the closure of our Churches, along with many months ahead filled with so much uncertainty, St Martha’s Parish Strathfield is undertaking various and alternative ways to interact with our parishioners and keep them connected to their faith. The Church is very much alive!

But with the predictions of what the impact of long term isolation, loneliness, financial stress and the decline in the mental health of our fellow Australians, St Martha’s is widely circulating 5,000 of these small packages of HOPE so that they may bring some comfort and spiritual reassurance to those who are able to receive one.

This keepsake has been lovingly created to bring a small ray of HOPE to individuals, families, parishioners, the elderly locked down in their homes and aged care facilities, Health professionals, Care workers, those standing on Centrelink queues worried about their future, the homeless who do not have a home to protect them and so many more.

The primary goal of this initiative is to inspire everyone, regardless of their race, age, gender or denomination, to carry HOPE with them at all times. For this simple reason, at this most stressful time for everyone, we would appreciate your support in spreading the HOPE campaign far and wide.

Trophy Land was chosen to custom design and create the HOPE Keepsake for St Martha’s Parish as they have been a long time supplier to the Archdiocese of Sydney. Ongoing purchases from other Diocese and/or individual parishes, no matter how big or small, would go a long way in assisting this small family business to keep afloat during these uncertain times.

The HOPE Keepsakes can be ordered directly from Trophy Land Sydney by contacting Frank Argiro on 0415 242 017 or by email

The prayer card that accompanies the HOPE Keepsake was designed and printed by St Martha’s Parish Office. It can be downloaded by clicking the button below, as a Word document for easy editing and adaptation. Alternatively, you would be most welcome to contact the parish office on 9746 6131 (option 2) should you require any further information or assistance.

Download the Prayer Card
“Hope does not disappoint,
it is not an illusion, it is a hope.
Beside each other, in love and patience,
we can prepare a better time in these days.”

~ Pope Francis (source CNA)


The HOPE Keepsakes are available outside the Church.