First Holy Communion

“The Eucharist is the sacramental action of giving thanks and praise to the Father.” “The ultimate act of faith for a Catholic is to receive the bread and wine at Mass and know that it is truly the Body and Blood of Christ.”   ~ J. Springer 2010 p50

It is the practice of the Archdiocese of Sydney that children will receive their First Holy Communion in Year 3. It is to follow the sacrament of Reconciliation. The separation of the two sacraments enables an adequate catechesis on each of the sacraments.

First Holy Communion 2023

Welcome Parents, Carers and candidates!

Jesus is the Bread of Life!

To receive him for the first time we follow a 6-week interactive preparation program involving candidates and parents/carer. Lead by our Parish Priest, Fr. John, we join together with Jesus in this sacrament… to receive him in Holy Communion… not only for the first time, but again and again!

To participate, prepare and receive this sacrament please download, complete and return an enrolment form, from below. Hardcopies can be found in the foyer of our Church.


  • Your child must be in Year 3 or above in 2023 to receive First Communion.
  • Have received the Sacrament of Baptism and First Reconciliation.

The Enrolment Fee for First Holy Communion 2023 is $50.

(This Fee covers the cost of workbooks, resources.)

FIRST HOLY COMMUNION 2023 – For Children in Year 3 or Older and
who have received the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

1st lesson:  3:30pm Wed 2nd or 3:30pm Sat 5th August

2nd lesson: 3:30pm Wed 9th or 3:30pm Sat 12th August

3rd lesson: 3:30pm Wed16th or 3:30pm Sat 19th August

4th lesson + Rehearsal: 3:30pm Wed 23rd August or 3:30pm Sat 26th August


Sacrament date:

12 pm Sunday 3rd or 10th September 2023

For more information please contact the Sacramental Team on 9746 6131
– or –
via e-mail on